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  Trauma, Death and Crime Cleaning Services
     ABRA Certified Bio-Recovery Technicians
24 Hour Bio-Hazardous Removal Service
Help with Homicide clean-up, Suicide clean-up, Decomposition clean-up, Blood clean up, Hoarding, and Severe Gross Filth by Licensed and Certified Professionals 24hrs a day everyday. Same day service usually with in  60 min to downtown DC and surrounding  MD & VA areas.

Serving all of: Maryland, District of Columbia, & Virginia.                       

Nationwide Toll Free: 1-866-999-0339 

Local (410) 535-2673

certified technicians



We are a Bio-Hazardous removal and remediation company helping people with Crime Scene clean up, Death Scene clean up & Blood / Body Fluid clean up. 

Chesapeake Crime Cleaners is also known for expert help in Hoarding and Gross Filth properties. We pride ourselves on the professional skills and quality services we offer.  We are dedicated to the care, safety, and well being of our clients, our community and the environment.

Unfortunately these types of traumatic/bio-hazardous incidents happen.  Blood and other body fluids that remain may carry many infectious diseases and are hazardous.  We highly recommend the use of trained professionals to ensure your safety.

Chesapeake Crime Cleaners adheres to and exceeds all state and federal guidelines.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Our trained technicians are certified in handling Blood-borne Pathogens, Hazardous Materials and Bio-Hazardous Waste.

We are the professionals in Blood Clean-up, Homicide Clean-up, Suicide Clean-up, Death Scene Cleaning, Crime Scene Cleaning, Vomit Removal, Feces Clean-up, through out all of MD, DC and VA.

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